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Grassfed Burgers, Sandwiches, Soups, Salads, Smoothies, Fresh Pressed Juice and more!

no added sugar

All of our smoothies and fresh pressed juice have no added sugar! Just straight up raw whole food πŸ™‚

organic whole food

80% of our menu is organic and the rest non GMO.Β Our meat is hormone / antibiotic free, free range and naturally fed.

Always Fresh



The Experience

fresh pressed

Try our fresh pressed juices that will help you re-energize and nourish your cells so that your body can function efficiently.

great for detoxing

Orange Lemon Cucumber

Meet The Founders

Cara and Marissa opened up Lettuce Eat Healthy to expand the healthy options in Downtown Vancouver, Washington!

“We are on a mission to provide a fun experience getting healthy meals on the go for friends and family!”

cara &marissa

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Where Freshness Meets Fun!Β 

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Enhance your catering experience with Lettuce-Eat-Healthy! Taste the difference today.

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